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Stength, cardio, and flexibility are all critical training components in a fitness routine. Each one has a specific purpose, but they all support each other and work together to deliver kickass results. There will soon be a couple of different options available to you here at TSJ - customized and community training - because I understand that everyone has different goals and different format preferences.


Nutrition is the component that will make or break your ability to get results and, more importantly, maintain them. It's extremely important to me that I provide you with the most pure, convenient, simple, and nutritious whole-food solution to fuel and balance your body, remove impurities, provide you with more energy and higher quality sleep, while helping you build and maintain precious muscle and burn unnecessary fat.



Whether you decide to work one-on-one with me or join the TSJ community, you will get the support you need to stay on track. Making sure you have a step-by-step expert-developed plan and someone to challenge and support you every step of your journey skyrockets the success rate of making your amazing new lifestyle stick. We'll work together to overcome obstacles as well as celebrate your kickass moments!



**If you're looking for Fit on a Whim, don't worry! You're in the right place!!! We're undergoing a massive overhaul to make your experience super-fantastic! You'll notice some missing bits and pieces, so please check back soon for the new, completed site! In the meantime, browse around and connect with us via the links above!